I think it was mostly 2011-2012 when I did this project. Many years ago I was greatly impacted by A.W. Tozer´s book "The Knowledge of the Holy."  Each chapter basically explored one of the different attributes (truths) about God as mentioned in the bible. Unfortunately, when I tried to share the book with people, many found it a bit hard to get into because of the older style english. It seemed like such a crime that a message like this was being lost because of language -so I felt compelled to write a modern book of the same kind. That´s the book "WHO IS GOD?"

Along with that I thought it would be great to have some worship songs on the same theme. Actually, if you think about it, many of the really old songs churches still love to sing are about the attributes of God. When we focus on God and who He is it begins to fix all kinds of things in our minds and hearts. Man is made to live connected to God and we invite a million problems when that connection is weakened or broken. Anyway, these songs that go with the book are on a record called "BECAUSE OF YOU."

A big thanks to all those who made the book and record happen through it´s kickstarter campaign. Also thanks to some of my talented musical friends who added to the project. 

LISTEN to the record below: (You can also find it on SPOTIFY and stream or buy it through APPLE MUSIC or iTUNES.) 

CHORD CHARTS can be found below if you would like to learn to play any of the songs.

READ THE BOOK kindle version of the book can be found and purchased through AMAZON.com or AMAZON.CO.UK  (If you don´t have any money, but would read the book if it was given to you, here´s a pdf:)
WHO IS GOD? by Isaac Jorgensen A pdf version of the book 608 KB